Trial Re-openings Holy Trinity -August 2, All Saints – August 9

Why have a trial opening now?

  1. Summertime sees lower numbers of parishioners making it easier to plan for starting out.
  2. The weather will be more comfortable for standing outside if line-ups occur.
  3. If the predicted second wave of the COVID virus happens in the fall and, if we have to close again, it will be easier to reopen having had a good trial run already.
  4. The risk in NS now is quite low, especially in the Western region.


What to Expect at this trial re-opening.


As you arrive you are asked to

  • Wear a mask or face shield throughout your time in the building (N.B. This is a Nova Scotia regulation involving all public buildings) masks will be available if you don’t have one
  • Maintain a distance of 2 metres from anyone not in your “bubble”
  • Answer the following questions

Do you have…

  • new or worsening cough?
  • shortness of breath or difficulty breathing?
  • temperature equal to or over 38°C?
  • chills?
  • fatigue or weakness?
  • muscle or body aches?
  • new loss of smell or taste?
  • Headache?
  • gastrointestinal symptoms (abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting)?
  • lesions on your feet or hands?
  • Have you been out of the Atlantic Provinces in the past two weeks?
  • Have you had anyone visit from out of the Atlantic Provinces in the past two weeks?
  • Are you or anyone in your household awaiting covid-19 test results?


If you can answer NO to all of these questions, a greeter will …

  • sanitize your hands and take down your name and telephone number (to be used should covid-19 be diagnosed in anyone who attended)
  • be directed to take a bulletin (which will contain all you need for worship)

Please then go straight to a seat – N.B. if you are part of a ‘bubble’, please use the grouped chairs or marked pew spaces, otherwise, use single seating


In this initial trial re-opening, there will be no music or Eucharist – hopefully they can be added as we move forward

The priest will use the head microphone and there will be one reader/pray-er, (or bubbled couple) speaking from the lectern (at All Saints there will be no microphones used)

The offertory plate will be placed at the back of the church, there will be no passing of the offertory plate

The bathroom will be sanitized prior to the Service and any people using the bathroom will be asked to sanitize all touched surfaces after use (at Holy Trinity, the Men’s Bathroom will be a single use facility, available to all)  

At the end of the Service, please don your mask once more and leave with distances of 2 metres. The greeters will direct the exit, beginning with the back of the worship space. Please either take your bulletin home with you or leave in the designated box at the door. There will be a container to receive discards masks outside the door

You are welcome to socialize outside the building with safe space, but please no socializing within the building.


We realize this all sounds like a lot of detail, but, given the age of most of our parishioners, we want to take every precaution to ensure their health remain uncompromised. Within these precautions, the worship leaders will do everything they can to lead liturgy that glorifies God, draws community together and feeds us to be Church in our communities in the coming week.