January 31, 2021Fourth Sunday after EpiphanyNaming the DemonsRev. Paul Jennings
January 17, 2021Second Sunday after EpiphanyNourishing our CallRev. Paul Jennings
January 3, 2021Second Sunday after ChristmasWisdom at the FoundationsRev. Paul Jennings




December 13, 2020Advent 3Joy: the Mantle of PraiseRev. Paul Jennings
November 29, 2020Advent 1Holy LongingRev. Paul Jennings
November 15, 2020Proper 33Trusting our TalentRev. Paul Jennings
November 1, 2020All SaintsA Multitude from Every NationRev. Paul Jennings
October 18, 2020Proper 29Seeing God's FaceRev. Paul Jennings
October 11, 2020Harvest ThanksgivingThanksgiving in a Time of CovidRev. Paul Jennings
September 27, 2020Third Sunday of CreationThe HazelnutRev. Paul Jennings
September 20, 2020Second Sunday of CreationAweRev. Paul Jennings
September 13, 2020First Sunday of CreationThis Ancient LoveRev. Paul Jennings
July 26, 20208th After PentecostA String of ParablesRev Canon Lynn Uzans
July 12, 2020Proper 15The Word of GodRev. Paul Jennings
June 28, 2020Proper 13When God is HardRev. Paul Jennings
June 7, 2020Trinity SundayTrinity and RevolutionRev. Paul Jennings
April 26, 2020Easter 3For a Time Like ThisRev. Paul Jennings
March 8, 2020Lent 2The Purpose of Liturgy: 2. The Divine DanceRev. Paul Jennings
March 1, 2020Lent 1The Purpose of Liturgy: 1. Forming our HeartsRev. Paul Jennings
February 9, 2020Epiphany 5Salt and LightRev. Paul Jennings




December 1, 2019Advent 1The Peace of JerusalemRev. Paul Jennings
November 17, 2019Proper 33Unmasking our HeartsRev. Paul Jennings
October 13, 2019Thanksgiving SundayThink about these ThingsRev. Paul Jennings
September 22, 2019Proper 25The Dishonest StewardRev. Paul Jennings
September 15, 2019Proper 24 - CreationWords of DoomRev. Paul Jennings
September 1, 2019Proper 22 - CreationThe Voice of the ProphetRev. Paul Jennings
August 4, 2019Proper 18Our Lives are Hidden with ChristRev. Paul Jennings
July 28, 2019Proper 17On PrayerRev. Paul Jennings
July 7, 2019Proper 14The Provocation of EvangelismRev. Paul Jennings
June 30, 2019Proper 13The Fruits of FreedomRev. Paul Jennings
May 26, 2019Easter 6What Kind of Story?Rev. Paul Jennings
May 5, 2019Easter 3The RockRev. Paul Jennings
April 28, 2019Easter 2EmmausRev. Paul Jennings
April 21, 2019Easter SundayAsking about the ResurrectionRev. Paul Jennings
March 31, 2019Lent 4Repentance and HealingRev. Paul Jennings
March 17, 2019Lent 2A Manifesto for ResistanceRev. Paul Jennings
March 3, 2019Transfiguration SundayComing Down from the MountainRev. Paul Jennings
January 27, 2019Epiphany 3The Spirit of the Lord is Upon MeRev. Paul Jennings




December 16, 2018Advent 3JoyRev. Paul Jennings
December 9, 2018Advent 2But Who Can Abide the Day of His ComingRev. Paul Jennings
November 18, 2018Proper 33Three Readings of HannahRev. Paul Jennings
November 11, 2018Proper 32The Widow's MiteRev. Paul Jennings
October 21, 2018Proper 29James and JohnRev. Paul Jennings
September 16, 2018Proper 24The Voice of WisdomRev. Paul Jennings
August 26, 2018Proper 21Mystery and HungerRev. Paul Jennings
July 29, 2018Proper 17Singing the GospelRev. Paul Jennings
July 8, 2018Proper 14My Power is made Perfect in WeaknessRev. Paul Jennings
June 24, 2018Proper 12On Giants and StormsWade Seymour
June 10, 2018Proper 10The Unforgivable SinRev. Paul Jennings
May 20, 2018PentecostThe Spirit MovingRev. Paul Jennings
March 18, 2018Lent VReconciliation and AtonementRev. Paul Jennings
March 11, 2018Lent IVThe Gift of ForgivenessRev. Paul Jennings
January 14, 2018Second after EpiphanyCall and ClaimRev. Paul Jennings
January 7, 2018Baptism of ChristBaptism and ReconciliationRev. Paul Jennings




December 10, 2017Advent 2Comfort YeRev. Paul Jennings
December 3, 2017Advent 1Enough!Rev. Paul Jennings
November 26, 2017Reign of Christ and White Ribbon SundayTaking the PledgeRev. Paul Jennings
November 19, 2017Proper 33TalentsRev. Paul Jennings
November 12, 2017Proper 32"Lo he comes with clouds descending"Rev. Paul Jennings
November 5, 2017All Saints SundayLiving Jesus's ScriptRev. Paul Jennings
October 8, 2017Thanksgiving Sunday - Creation SeasonThe Love of the AlbatrossRev. Paul Jennings
October 1, 2017Proper 26 - Creation SeasonOut of EgyptRev. Paul Jennings
September 24, 2017Proper 25 - Creation SeasonOur Daily BreadRev. Paul Jennings
September 17, 2017Proper 24 - Creation SeasonThe Cry of the EarthRev. Paul Jennings
September 10, 2017Proper 23 - Creation SeasonThe Ten PlaguesRev. Paul Jennings
August 27, 2017Proper 21Resistance in the Name of ChristRev. Paul Jennings
August 20, 2017Proper 20Paul's DilemmaRev. Paul Jennings
July 30, 2017Proper 17Parables of the KingdomRev. Paul Jennings
July 23, 2017Proper 16Good guys and bad guysRev. Paul Jennings
July 9, 2017Proper 14The things I want - the things I doRev. Paul Jennings
July 2, 2017Canada DayHe shall have dominion from sea to seaRev. Paul Jennings
June 25, 2017National Aboriginal Day of PrayerA Tale of Two BrothersRev. Paul Jennings
June 18, 2017Proper 11Justification by FaithRev. Paul Jennings
May 21, 2017Rogation SundayPlanting SeedsRev. Paul Jennings
May 14, 2017Easter 5A Royal PriesthoodRev. Paul Jennings
May 7, 2017Easter 4A word to the slavesRev. Paul Jennings
April 30, 2017Easter 3EmmausRev. Paul Jennings
April 16, 2017Easter SundayThe Defiance of the ResurrectionRev. Paul Jennings
April 14, 2017Good FridayA Bitter and Healing StoryRev. Paul Jennings
April 2, 2017Lent 5Can these bones live?Rev. Paul Jennings
March 26, 2017Lent 4Confronting the Blame GameRev. Paul Jennings
March 19, 2017Lent 3Reading the Bible – “Are we supposed
to believe all this really happened?”
Rev. Paul Jennings
March 15, 2017Wednesday in Lent 2The Cross and What it Means to MeSheila Hulford
March 12, 2017Lent 2Being born of the SpiritRev. Paul Jennings
March 5, 2017Lent 1Leaving the GardenRev. Paul Jennings
March 1, 2017Ash WednesdayDust and AshesRev. Paul Jennings
February 26, 2017Last Sunday after EpiphanyA Beautiful and Terrible FireRev. Paul Jennings
February 19, 2017Seventh Sunday after EpiphanyResisting EvilRev. Paul Jennings
February 12, 2017Sixth Sunday after EpiphanyLaying Down the LawRev. Paul Jennings
February 5, 2017Fifth Sunday after EpiphanyDear as SaltRev. Paul Jennings
January 29, 2017Fourth Sunday after EpiphanyThe Word of the CrossRev. Paul Jennings
January 22, 2017Third Sunday after EpiphanyIt is Reported that there are Quarrels among youRev. Paul Jennings
January 15, 2017Second Sunday after EpiphanySaints under ConstructionRev. Paul Jennings




December 24, 2016Christmas EvePeace in an Ugly TimeRev. Paul Jennings
December 20, 2016Blue Christmas ServiceWhat Shall I Give Him?Rev. Paul Jennings
December 18, 2016Advent IVThe Sign of ImmanuelRev. Paul Jennings
December 11, 2016Advent IIICreated for JoyRev. Paul Jennings
December 4, 2016Advent IIThe Peaceable KingdomRev. Paul Jennings
November 6, 2016Proper 32Our Struggle is not against Flesh and BloodRev. Paul Jennings
November 1, 2016All SoulsBlessed are those who mournRev. Paul Jennings
October 30, 2016All SaintsThe B-AttitudesRev. Paul Jennings
October 23, 2016Proper 30 The Pharisee and the Tax CollectorRev. Paul Jennings
October 16, 2016Proper 27 (transferred)Lamenting the CityRev. Paul Jennings
September 25, 2016Second Sunday of Creation CycleForestsRev. Paul Jennings
September 18, 2016First Sunday of Creation CycleMountainsRev. Paul Jennings
September 4, 2016Proper 23PhilemonRev. Paul Jennings
August 28, 2016Proper 22Wedding Banquet EtiquetteRev. Paul Jennings
August 21, 2016Proper 21Awe and TerrorRev. Paul Jennings
July 3, 2016Proper 14Mission with Empty HandsRev. Paul Jennings
June 5, 2016Third Sunday after PentecostSame Sex Marriage II: This Holy EstateRev. Paul Jennings
May 29, 2016Second Sunday after PentecostSame Sex Marriage I: Anxiety and PerspectiveRev. Paul Jennings
May 22, 2016Trinity SundayPower, Compassion, JoyRev. Paul Jennings
May 15, 2016PentecostWalls and DreamsRev. Paul Jennings
May 1, 2016Easter 6LydiaRev. Paul Jennings
April 17, 2016Easter 4Passed through the Great OrdealRev. Paul Jennings
April 10, 2016Easter 3Do You Love Me?Rev. Paul Jennings
April 3, 2016Easter 2Receive the Breath of LIfeRev. Paul Jennings
March 27, 2016Easter SundayDawn in the GardenRev. Paul Jennings
March 25, 2016Good FridayRecalibrating our HeartsRev. Paul Jennings
March 6, 2016Lent 4The Prodigal SonRev. Paul Jennings
February 28, 2016Lent 3The Word of GodRev. Paul Jennings
February 14, 2016Lent 1The TemptationsRev. Paul Jennings
February 10, 2016Ash WednesdayOn RacismRev. Paul Jennings
February 7, 2016Transfiguration SundayThin PlacesRev. Paul Jennings
January 31, 2016Fourth Sunday after EpiphanyCall of JeremiahRev. Paul Jennings
January 10, 2016Baptism of ChristFear not, for I have redeemed youRev. Paul Jennings
January 3, 2016Epiphany SundayInquiring HeartsRev. Paul Jennings




December 24, 2015Christmas EveThe Word Became FleshRev. Paul Jennings
November 29, 2015Advent IStay Calm, Be Brave, Wait for the SignsRev. Paul Jennings
November 22, 2015Reign of ChristJesus and PilateRev. Paul Jennings
November 15, 2015Proper 33Wars and Rumours of WarsRev. Paul Jennings
November 2, 2015All Souls DayRemembering our DeadRev. Paul Jennings
November 1, 2015All Saints DayThe Souls of the Righteous are in the Hand of GodRev. Paul Jennings
October 25, 2015Proper 30I was a nobodyRev. Paul Jennings
October 18, 2015Proper 29The Sons of ZebedeeRev. Paul Jennings
October 4, 2015Fourth Sunday of Creation CycleBiodiversityRev. Paul Jennings
September 20, 2015Second Sunday of Creation CycleCreator WisdomRev. Paul Jennings
September 13, 2015First Sunday of Creation CycleBreath of LifeRev. Paul Jennings
September 6, 2015Proper 23The Syrian ChildRev. Paul Jennings
August 30, 2015Old Holy Trinity Annual ServiceHow lovely is your dwelling-placeRev. Paul Jennings
August 23, 2015Proper 21The Armour of GodRev. Paul Jennings
August 16, 2015Proper 20The Wisdom to GovernRev. Paul Jennings
August 2, 2015Proper 18David and BathshebaRev. Paul Jennings
July 26, 2015Proper 17A Pastor's PrayerRev. Paul Jennings
July 5, 2015Proper 14Sent in WeaknessRev. Paul Jennings
June 28, 2015Proper 13Generosity and GraceRev. Paul Jennings
May 24, 2015Pentecost SundayInterceding in our HeartsRev. Paul Jennings
May 10, 2015Easter VINo Longer ServantsRev. Paul Jennings
May 3, 2015Easter VThe Ethiopian EunuchRev. Paul Jennings
April 19, 2015Easter IIIGod's ChildrenRev. Paul Jennings
April 5, 2015Easter SundayResurrection FaithRev. Paul Jennings
March 22, 2015Lent VWritten on our HeartsRev. Paul Jennings
March 15, 2015Lent IVFacing our Fears: The Bronze SerpentRev. Paul Jennings
March 1, 2015Lent IIThe Witness of the MartyrsRev. Paul Jennings
February 22, 2015Lent IA Lenten TriptychRev. Paul Jennings
February 18, 2015Ash WednesdayThe Sign of AshesRev. Paul Jennings
February 8, 2015Proper 5Who Stretches out the Heavens like a CurtainRev. Paul Jennings
January 25, 2015Proper 3JonahRev. Paul Jennings
January 18, 2015Proper 2Nathaniel: The Awkwardness of StrangersRev. Paul Jennings
January 11, 2015Baptism of ChristYou are my Beloved ChildRev. Paul Jennings
January 4, 2015Epiphany SundayEpiphany 2015Rev. Paul Jennings




December 24, 2014Christmas EveGod as a BabyRev. Paul Jennings
December 21, 2014Advent IVMaryRev. Paul Jennings
December 14, 2014Advent IIIRejoice AlwaysRev. Paul Jennings
November 30, 2014Advent IHopeRev. Paul Jennings
November 23, 2014Reign of ChristThe King in the Cattle-shedsRev. Paul Jennings
November 16, 2014Proper 33The Parable of the TalentsRev. Paul Jennings
November 9, 2014Remembrance SundayThe Wounded among usRev. Paul Jennings
November 2, 2014All Saints SundayBoth Righteous and SinnersRev. Paul Jennings
October 26, 2014Proper 30Beyond the Great CommandmentRev. Paul Jennings
October 19, 2014Proper 29Gratitude as Community PracticeRev. Paul Jennings
October 12, 2014Thanksgiving SundayA heart whose pulse may be thy praiseRev. Paul Jennings
October 5, 2014Proper 27The Unjust Tenants: Ownership or Stewardship?Rev. Paul Jennings
September 28, 2014Proper 26Have this mind in you . . .Rev. Paul Jennings