Donate on-line!

Tax receptible donations can be made on-line to All Saints’ Church and Holy Trinity Church using either Interac e-Transfer or Canada Helps.

Interac e-Transfer

Interac e-Transfer, via your on-line banking access, can be used for donations to either All Saints or Holy Trinity.  Monies sent by this means will be automatically deposited to the respective church banking account.  A security question and password is not needed for autodeposit transfers.  All Saints’ and Holy Trinity envelope holders please use the envelope number as the cents value of the donation amount when donating to your church as this will allow cross verification of the deposited amount with your envelope number.  Identify in the message section any specific distribution or breakdown of the donation amount (Building Fund, Mortgage Fund, PWRDF etc).  Unspecified deposit amounts will be treated as a general/regular donation.

Send Interac e-Transfers to

[email protected] for All Saint’s Church in Kingston, NS and

[email protected] for HOLY TRINITY ANGLICA N CHURCH

Non-envelope holders need to include their full name and mailing address in the message portion of the e-Transfer for tax receipt purposes.  Tax receipts for the year will be issued the following January if a donor’s total annual donation amount exceeds $10.00.

e-Transfers to any other All Saints’, Holy Trinity or Parish related email addresses may not be treated as a tax receptible donation and are subject to being declined.

Canada Helps

To make an on-line donation via Canada Helps, click on the “Donate Now” button below that will take you to our CANADA HELPS page. There is a drop-down menu on that site which will allow you to chose which fund the donation is for.

Please note:

If you give through, you will receive your receipt through them, NOT through the parish. You will be able to print your receipt at the time of your donation or have it e-mailed to print at a later time.

To donate to HOLY TRINITY CHURCH, MIDDLETON, please click on this button:

Donate Now Through!

To donate to ALL SAINTS’ CHURCH, KINGSTON, please click on this button:

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